Relocation Insurance

Relocation Insurance

Whether you are moving to another country, leaving for a new city or just relocating down the road, protect your possessions from the moment packing commences right up to the time they are unpacked on arrival at your new home.


Relocation Plus offers covers with:

  • Full conditions

  • Restricted conditions

  • Cover for motor vehicles

  • Special extensions

  • Storage extensions

Product Summary

AXA Relocation Plus covers loss or damage to your possessions whilst relocating, leaving you free to complete your move in confidence.

It is everything you need to help your relocation go as smoothly as possible.
Relocation Plus provides comprehensive insurance protection. Professionally packed  items are covered against loss, damage or theft from point of origin, including a period of incidental storage, right up to your final domicile.

Cover options
Special extensions are available to extend the “all risks” cover to provide an even wider protection than what is normally offered under standard household personal effects in transit insurance.

Coverage Relocations Plus
Full conditions - professionally packed effects Yes
Restricted conditions - owner packed effects Yes
Cover for motor vehicles Yes
Special extensions - for personal effects Yes
Storage extensions Yes

Main Cover

Here is a quick summary of what makes AXA Relocation Plus different from the rest. Depending upon the packing, one of the following covers will apply:

Full conditions - professionally packed effects
Comprehensive protection is provided for loss or damage, fire and theft for the insured effects whilst being packed during transit and after arrival at destination.

Restricted conditions - owner packed effects
Cover is provided for loss or damage to the insured effects due to a major casualty to the carrying air, sea or land conveyance, total loss during loading and unloading plus fire, explosion, lightning, natural catastrophes and sea or river water perils.

Cover for motor vehicles
Motor vehicles can be insured under similar covers as above, i.e. full or restricted conditions.

Special extensions - for personal effects
Any one or combination of the following clauses can be included to your ‘full conditions’ cover, at an additional premium. The terms provided extend the standard cover and override other conditions in this prospectus.

  • Mechanical, electrical or electronic derangement extension
  • Climatic or atmospheric conditions or extremes of temperature extension
  • Pairs and sets extension

Storage extensions
Available for those customers who may require longer storage periods at origin and destination

Key Benefits

Instant cover
Applying for AXA Relocation Plus is simple. You can be covered immediately from the time that the proposal form application is accepted by AXA or our appointed agents.

Simple claims reporting procedures
In the event of a loss or damage to personal effects / motor vehicles which may result in a claim under the policy, the customer can contact the AXA address provided on the policy document.

Prompt and fair claims settlement

Available at AXA shops
Now you can buy AXA Relocation Plus from any AXA Shop at a mall near you or through our dedicated customer service personnel at our Call Center. Please call AXA Toll free number. for more details.