AXA Liability Insurance


Our liability policies cover your legal liability to the public and your employees which may arise from your business.

Why AXA Insurance

  • Instant cover

  • Tailored options and extensions

  • Fastest possible claims settlement

  • Present in the region for more than 65 years

We offer four different products

Why Comprehensive General Liability Insurance?

This insurance is designed to cover your legal liability to third parties for bodily injury or accidental damage to property as a result of your business activity, happening within the territorial limit. Cover includes Public liability , Pollution liability and Product liability which is necessary if you are manufacturing, selling or distributing products.  CGL insurance should be taken out by any business, large or small that deals directly or indirectly with the public. The cover includes pre agreed legal defence fees and expenses needed to defend a claim. With several optional covers available to choose from, you can tailor the policy to best meet your business needs. These optional covers include Excess/Contingent Motor liability, Vendors liability, Advertising liability and worldwide jurisdiction.

Key benefits

Our global expertise can be utilized in litigation matters, our policies are designed to satisfy the requirements of local, overseas or free zone authorities. Flexible limits of indemnity are available up to US$ 25,000,000. Cover includes any legal fees and expenses which result from any claim by a third party within the policy limits. We offer the flexibility to add various options & extensions.

Product details

The policy has 3 sections; Public , Pollution and Products liability, plus optional covers being Excess/Contingent Auto liability, Vendors liability, Advertising liability and Worldwide jurisdiction. The policy, (apart from certain businesses eg chemicals) responds on an "occurrence" basis, meaning that it covers injury or damage and resultant financial loss occurring during the period of insurance, even if a claim is made against you after the expiry of the policy. The Public liability limit of indemnity responds to any one occurrence and the number of occurrences covered are unlimited during the period. The Pollution and Product liability limits are the maximum amount payable during the period of cover.

Why Professional Indemnity Insurance?

AXA Gulf’s professional indemnity covers you for damages awarded against you and/or legal costs in the defense of a claim made against you for a breach of professional duty.

Key benefits

Our professional indemnity covers you for any claim and defense costs that arise from the conduct of your professional business, where the claim is made against you and notified to us during the period of insurance, arising from a breach of your professional duty, a negligent misstatement or misrepresentation, unintentional libel, slander or defamation, unintentional breach of or misuse of confidentiality or any right to privacy, unintentional infringement of intellectual property rights (but not breach of patent). 

We also cover:

  • Joint Ventures - liability that you may become liable to pay that arises whilst you are a member of a joint venture or consortium
  • Loss of documents - a claim that arises from loss of or damage to any documents including restoring your own documents that have been lost or damaged
  • Mitigation costs cover - being the reasonable costs and expenses for any action you take to mitigate a loss or potential loss that would otherwise be the subject of a claim under this policy, provided you obtain our prior written consent
  • Subsidiary creation and acquisition cover - If you acquire securities or voting rights in another organisation or create another organization which becomes a subsidiary of yours, or acquire any organisation by merger or consolidation then that acquired or created organisation will automatically be insured under this policy( subject to certain conditions)

Product Details

This policy is designed to protect partnerships and businesses who provide professional services, advice, or consultation to their clients, where due to a  professional error, a claim for negligence may arise, usually from a principal or customer, but also from third parties, public authorities, regulatory authorities, ministries. The claims may be for injury or damage to property resulting from the error but usually for financial loss. Major exclusions under the policy are: fines, penalties, decennial liability, contractual liability which would not have attached in the absence of the contract, willful misconduct, gross negligence, act of fraud, employment liability and  claims arising out of war/ invasion / civil commotion / terrorism. 

Why Employers' Liability Insurance?

Employers have responsibilities for the safety of their employees and our EL policy offers protection to you as an employer if you are held liable at law to pay compensation to an employee following bodily injury, death, sickness or disease caused by conditions at work.  In addition to the compensation awarded by the courts, this policy also covers legal costs and expenses. The policy can be modified to suit your requirements depending on the number of employees and the type of work performed by them.

Key Benefits

When taken with a Workmen Compensation policy, this policy offers total protection to you as an employer. This policy also covers employee to employee liability, social and sports activities arranged by the employer, work during weekends, public holidays and overtime. If you have employees working in other GCC countries, our policy can be extended to provide coverage as per the jurisdiction of those GCC countries. Our policy can also be extended to cover worldwide business trips undertaken by your employees. We offer competitive terms giving you maximum value for money and rewarding you for good claims experience.

Product Details

Covering the employer’s liability to employees for injuries caused during the course of the employment. The major exclusions under the policy are: a willful act of the employer, contractual liability unless liability would have attached in the absence of the contract, fines and penalties  sickness or disease other than occupational disease specified under the Workmen’s Compensation Laws,  asbestos related claims, war and terrorism,  electromagnetic field (EMF).

Why Management Liability Insurance?

Variable and uncertain economic conditions, regulatory pressures, staff demands, the need for tighter employment practices with increased employee awareness and overseas investment all increase the likelihood of exposure to claims against Directors’ and Officers’ personal assets, reputation and the company itself. Directors and their companies are at risk of legal, reputational and financial damage and need a defense mechanism in place to protect their position following claims from investors, shareholders, regulators, competitors or employees.

Key Benefits

AXA’s Management liability policy includes (more specifically described in the policy document):

  • Directors and Officers liability
  • Company reimbursement
  • Employment entity liability 
  • Entity cover
  • Fiduciary Liability

Product Details

Directors and Officers liability

Pays on behalf of Directors and Officers claims made during the period of Insurance against them for a wrongful act, being an error, misstatement, omission, neglect, libel, slander or breach of warranty in the discharge of their duty as a Director or Officer. Such claims will typically be driven by the provisions of the companies act and labour law of the country of origin, e.g. the new 2013 UAE “Commercial Companies Law”.

Company reimbursement

Pays on behalf of the company claims made during the period of Insurance resulting from the wrongful act of a Director or Officer.

Employment Entity liability

Pays on behalf of the company claims made resulting from an employment wrongful act committed by the company e.g. a claim for unfair dismissal or discrimination.

Entity cover

Pays on behalf of the company defense costs for which the company becomes liable to pay as a result of a wrongful act committed by the company.

Fiduciary Liability

Pays on behalf of Directors and Officers and the company loss for which they are legally liability as a result of a fiduciary wrongful act.

Extensions given

  • External/outside boards.
  • Extended reporting period
  • Retired Directors and Officers
  • Inquiry costs
  • Public relations costs
  • Advancement of defense costs