Fraud and Money

AXA Fraud and Money Insurance


Fraud, embezzlement and theft in the workplace is on the rise, occurring in even the most secure work environments. AXA Fraud and Money Insurance protects your business from the financial consequences of such offenses.

Why AXA Insurance

  • Instant cover

  • Tailored options and extensions

  • Fastest possible claims settlement

  • Present in the region for more than 65 years

Fraud and Money Insurance

Why Fidelity Guarantee Insurance?

This insurance is designed to cover your business in respect of any financial losses caused due to fraud or dishonesty by his employees such as misappropriation of money or goods belonging to the business. Cover is operative only if the act of fraud is committed during the period of insurance and discovered within 12 months from expiry of the policy. Policy can be arranged on individual names or positions basis or on blanket unnamed basis.

Key Benefits

  • Automatic cover extension for losses discovered within twelve months after the insured employee ceases to be employed or the termination of the policy, whichever occurs first
  • Single insurance policy can be issued for several groups of employees for your company
  • Cover includes temporary employees who are named or included in the classes set out in the schedule
  • Cover for auditor’s fees incurred in any special audit required to substantiate the amount of any claim available.

Product Details

Fidelity Insurance covers any loss of your money or goods (or which you are legally responsible) which you shall directly sustain during the period of insurance caused by theft or fraud or dishonesty committed during the period of insurance by an employee or employees in collusion whilst in your employment.

The policy also covers auditors fees incurred in a special audit required to substantiate the amount of any claim which is paid under this policy
for the purpose of this insurance policy.

Money, meanscash notes, coins,cheques travelers cheques, cross bankers drafts, postal orders, money orders, current postage stamps, credit cards, sales vouchers, contents of franking machines ‘goods’ shall mean stock in trade and in the custody of the insured.

Why Money Insurance?

This insurance is designed to cover your business in respect of loss of company money from the premises (safe, drawer, counter) and while in transit between two designated places.

Key benefits

  • Your Money is covered on an All Risks basis, including theft and robbery, but also Fire or any other accident;
  • Contingent damage to your safe or strong room are also covered;
  • Robbery can be violent: you can choose to cover death or permanent total disablement for you and your employees.

Product Details

  • Your Money policy covers cash, notes, coins, cheques, postal and money orders, and unused postal stamps: this is a perfect add-on to your Property policy.
  • The main exclusions are fraud or dishonesty from employees (which are the purpose of the adjacent ‘Fidelity Guarantee Insurance’ tab), depreciation in value, shortage due to error or omission, vending machines, and money in transit by post.